Types of hair tonics from fresh heads

Caribbean coconut friction Lotion:

It is created particularly for people whose coarse or dry hair has long been a cause for issue; Fresh Heads Caribbean Coconut Friction Cream utilizes its abundant natural oils to return wetness of hair. It is Obtained from crisp coconut pulp, the fragrance is really indicative the well-balanced renewing nature of the tonic itself. The very most exhausted and dull hair will still be revitalised, with a significantly enhanced lustre that will not fade.

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 Citrus Twist Friction Lotion:

Fresh Heads Citrus Twist Friction Cream is produced from a good mix of lime and lemon essence and it is established to compete with the needs of oily hair. This tangy rupture of sunlight, with its sharp refined mix of orange and lemon oils, mixes with a roll of alcoholic drinks, eliminating any excess oil in your hair and head sensation significantly prepared and revitalized for the time.

Cucumber Crush friction Lotion:

Fresh Heads Cucumber Crush Friction is the simplest method to offer extreme refreshment in your hair. A well-maintained and neat scent is supported by a deep-cleansing solution that cools down and promotes the scalp and hair. The best exhausted and dull hair follicles will be revitalised, with increased lustre that will not fade.

Red Rush friction Tonic Lotion:

It is suitable for all hair types and this tonic is the mixture of 6 essential oils consisting ofpetitgrain and Black pepper obtained from orange leaves and it will assist revitalize and energise your scalp and hair, making a distinctive and attractive fragrance which is energising and revitalising. The Red Rush tonic is extracted from these oils Orange oil, petit grain oil, Lavandin Peppermint oil Black pepper oil, Cinnamon oil.

Modern day gentlemen friction Lotion:

This type f tonic is suitable for all types of hairs and it is the mix of tropical and fruit oils. The modern gentleman friction conditioner offers an ageless fragrance and stabilizing mix for the senses. The flexible scent will join practically in the way of life from nation delicate to urban area. The best dull or drab hair will be revitalised with significantly enhanced lustre that will last all the time. The Modern Gent tonic is extracted from the Nutmeg, Galbanum, patchouli, orange, lemon Lavandin and pettitgrain.

Urban mist friction Lotion:

The Fresh Heads Urban mist friction cream imbues hair with a scent and it is really suitable for all city people. It is a mix of 8 spices and bespoke oils, and the cream is developed for last longer and remains strong against for city atmospheres. Fortifying and Uplifting and the hair will be enhanced and the scent will strengthen energy and vigour through the whole day. . The Urban Mist is extracted from Black pepper, lemon, mandarin, Basil, pink peppers, Oak moss and Patchouli.

The above mentioned all these lotions are applied to hair by above mentioned technique

Utilize your forefinger and thumb to use Fresh Heads Caribbean Coconut Friction Cream. Apply the tonic in the scalp from the head with the side of your hands and shifting your fingertips into an energetic movement over the hair line by down and up movement around the scalp and ears. Most ideal time is to leave behind for One Minute.